Tareq Nabhan, O.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Tareq Nabhan studied chemistry at Pittsburg State University and focused on chemical education at the graduate level at the University of Kansas.  He taught at Kaplan Test Prep before starting optometry school in 2008 at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.  He held leadership positions as a student and graduated with distinction.  He soon joined the college as a faculty member in 2014.    

Dr. Nabhan currently serves as a subject matter expert/consultant for several organizations and is very active in research, education, and humanitarian eyecare initiatives.  His research in biomedical instrument development and electronic simulation design rests on improving eyecare access and education to underserved persons and students.  He continues work to strategically and creatively close vision and eyecare gaps with multilateral, technical, and sustainably partnered approaches while upholding social and corporate responsibilities in all spaces, domestic and abroad. 

Dr. Nabhan hopes to continue to engage students in didactic and clinical evidence-based instruction, and to impart a level of curiosity that can drive pedagogy, discovery, and entrepreneurship.

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