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Mobile Eye Center (MEC)


We take our work on the road, literally. Beginning in the fall of ’04, the College of Optometry launched the Mobile Eye Center program. The MEC is outfitted with examination chairs and testing equipment.It’s the same equipment you can expect to find in any optometry practice, only ours moves from location to location to bring complete optometric care to specific groups of underserved patients. The MEC removes distance, time and affordability barriers that often separate patients from doctors.

This is especially helpful in underserved neighborhoods where eye care services are not offered:
  • in schools where identifying and correcting problems early leads to greater academic success

  • at senior centers where mobility is a concern

  • on the job site where employees find it difficult to leave for extended periods of time

Our alumni, faculty, staff and students work under the basic principle that all advances made here through quality, innovative programs will have a positive impact on your community's vision.The Mobile Eye Center was made possible through a generous Housing and Urban Development grant.


To learn more
or to schedule MEC,
email the
Center for Eye Care
or call
(314) 516-6509.