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Welcome to the College of Optometry

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The College of Optometry administers the only professional training program for optometrists in Missouri and is just one of twenty-two ASCO member institutions in North America that award the degree Doctor of Optometry. Over 97% of our students have earned a baccalaureate degree prior to their admission to the 4- year professional degree program which is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE). At least one of the nearly 1300 graduates may be found in over 37 states and 2 foreign countries.

Our on-site accredited post-professional residency programs allow select graduates to seek more intensive and specialized clinical experience following completion of the O.D. degree in two specialty areas: Cornea and Contact Lenses and Pediatrics and Binocular Vision. Practitioners enrolled in these programs are fortunate to work with our internationally known faculty in the above disciplines.

The college also sponsors affiliated residencies supervised by nationally recognized optometrists located at the Veteran's Administration Hospitals in St. Louis, Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas and Marion, Illinois. In addition to providing unique educational opportunities, these programs enhance the quality of care delivered to deserving veterans. We are also proud of the affiliated program in hospital based pediatric optometry located at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri. Many completing residency programs and others like them across the country will serve as the optometric educators of tomorrow.

Our outstanding faculty advise and mentor students while they seek to find new ways to manage eye and visual abnormalities. We are very proud of the outstanding educators and scholars among our faculty.

Our Center For Eye Care has served the St. Louis metropolitan community for nearly 35 years. Through partnerships with other health care providers, hospitals, service agencies, schools, employers and community organizations our student interns and faculty diagnose and treat eye and vision problems for patients throughout the metropolitan area. The staff in our Center for Eye Care provides comprehensive eye and vision care services. Most public and private insurances are accepted.

Whether you seek to pursue a career as an eye care professional, a career in research or want to learn more about the excellent health care services offered by our program, I hope that you will take the time to contact us and see why I am so enthusiastic about the future of the College of Optometry. Our faculty, staff and students daily Enrich Lives Through Vision! 


Larry J. Davis